How To Secure a Tarp To a Roof

A roof tarp can be installed to prevent further damage until conditions change. Roof tarp installation. "The band-aid, for your roof!"
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how to install a roof tarp to a roof

How To Secure a Tarp To a Roof

Are you looking for how to secure a tarp to a roof? We at Pro Home Roofing have over 20+ years servicing Long Island homeowners in roof tarp installs. However, our clients do frequently ask us about the process and the costs that come with a roof tarp. Thusly, we have put together this blog post on the matter in order to better inform Long Islanders. If you have any questions please contact the experts at Pro Home for assistance.

We usually return contact submissions within a few hours. Calling us directly is the fastest way to get assistance. We promise a real live human being will answer the call. Currently waiting to hear back from one of our experts? You can get to know the Pro-fessionals at Pro Home by watching the YouTube video below. Click here to see our work on Facebook. Trust that we’re moving as fast as we can and appreciate you’re patience!

In this video we go over a few things that make the company unique. We are a roofing company in Southampton NY.

How long will a tarp last on a roof?

The lifespan of most roof tarps can be 90 days. However, there are long term roof tarps that can last up to even a couple of years. Never forget that roof tarps are meant only to be a temporary solution while waiting to have repairs done by a professional. If you are in need of help please feel free to contact pro home roof tarp and we would be happy to help.

roof tarp installers near me
Roof tarp installation. “The band-aid, for your roof!”

How to prepare for roof tarp

Your roof repair needs should be handles by an experienced roofing contractor with the right equipment. However, there are things that can be done by do-it-your-selfers while you wait. Still, a roofing company expert would perform these tasks for you or advise on action that need be taken, has proper safety equipment, and insurance. We [again] do not advise anyone to take any action outside of reasonable safety measures before calling an expert, but you may:

  • Precious attic items: We often overlook items stored in the attic. Be sure to any remove valuable items that could otherwise suffer damage from water or falling debris
  • Post process dust cleanup: Lay down paint floor sheets in the attic to make the dust cleanup easier after the roof install or repair.
  • If you’re garage roof is attached: Setup interior tarps to protect falling shingles or dust from scratching precious items in your attached garage
  • Prevent window scratching: Cover windows to prevent scratching during this process
  • Remove wall decorations: Remove paintings and other wall hung decorative items that could be shaken loose while workers hammer away above
  • Don’t break out the fine china: Your most fragile items need to be put away somewhere safe and covered to prevent falling damage or scratching to themselves and any physical harm to you.
image of BOEN 30-ft x 30-ft Blue Commercial Polyester for example of roof tarp installers near me
The BOEN 30-ft x 30-ft Blue Commercial Polyester Tarp is reasonably priced. It can be found at Lowe’s for about $65.

Roof tarp cost

Installing a roof tarp cost Suffolk County New York can be between $200 to $500. However, we have seen homeowners in East Hampton NY quoted close to $600 by some of our competitors. Still, speculation is pointless until a Long Island roof leak repair expert is looking directly at the task. You look like a stand up gal or guy that prefers a direct answer. So, reach out to us night, day, or during an emergency, and we will provide an accurate [free] estimate. Still, the pricing any tarp installation company provides will be based on the following:

  • The tarp itself
  • Price of labor
  • Emergency service prices
  • Strips of wood used to affix the tarp to the roof

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